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"Alignment integration with Sarah puts your whole body in the right place and allows it to work more optimally. You can feel the difference almost right away and the awareness it brings to how you use your body is invaluable."


Nadine Tremblay, performer/writer/teacher

"Following my SI sessions with Sarah I have an amazing awareness of the alignment possibilities within my body. I feel that I now stand taller and look forward to working on transforming the mind/body awareness into my new way of being, doing and living."


Kathy, Occupational Therapist

"I found my 10 series with Sarah to be very beneficial. She was able to identify specific problems in my movement patterns resulting from an old injury. She treated the affected area, but also taught me how the movements should feel when the body is in balance. Since the series, I move more easily and have less pain. I am also able to use the new awareness Sarah gave me to assess and correct my own movements during sporting activities. These ongoing benefits are what makes this treatment so worthwhile. Thanks Sarah!"


John Chester, Rossland BC

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