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"The basic law of Rolfing is that you add structure to the body. In doing so, you demand a change in function." Dr. Ida P. Rolf


Rolf Structural Integration Basic 10 Session Series

A progressive series of 10 sessions using pressure and movement coaching to establish natural length and tonus of the body by directing the connective tissue (fascia) to a more effective place along the body's line of verticality. The goal is an aligned and balanced structure that can relate in symmetry with gravity. The process considers gravity, physical structure, and individual habits such as work related posture and physical activities to bring a person into vertical alignment. Movement patterns includingstanding, sitting, bending, reaching and walking are mapped for efficiency and alignment.

What is fascia?

Fascia is the dense irregular connective tissue that forms a web like network throughout the entire body.

It surrounds your muscles, bones, organs, and joints providing support, protection, and structure. Problems arise when the fascia becomes too fibrous and hardened.


Over-time, this creates restrictions that lead to strain and compensation patterns that affect entire muscle groups and, given enough time, the whole body. Fascia is truly the fascinating biological fabric and glue that holds us together. Long ignored, the fascial system is now getting attention from individuals, therapist and researchers.

Advanced 5 Series

The Advanced 5 series is for clients who have completed the Basic 10 session series of Structural Integration and are seeking to explore higher levels of body integration.

What to expect:

Clients can expect an intake and assessment prior to the commencement of the first session, hands on manipulation of fascia and movement training to increase conscious mind body awareness and economy of movement. Structural Integration sessions are done wearing shorts and sports bra, underwear or two piece bathing suit (women) and are generally 1.5 hours in length.

Scar Healing and Tissue Restoration

Noninvasive and gentle hands on techniques to restore scar tissue into the natural fascia matrix of the body. Effective and permanent treatment for scars related to surgery, trauma, skin grafts, and burns.

Reduces Redness











Rolf Somatic Movement Sessions

These somatic movement sessions are studio based and designed to increase awareness and embodiment of movement through guided postural awareness  and neuromuscular repatterning interventions. Goals of these sessions are to increase awareness of your line of verticality and imprint new movement maps based on alignment, balance and extension. These sessions are appropriate for anyone wanting to improve postural movement in ankles, hips, spine, neck, shoulders, and hands. Movement sessions support the goals of the Rolf Structural Integration 10 series and can be completed as a part of a structural series or on their own.

Functional Integration/Occupational Therapy Sessions

Occupational Therapy and Rolf movement coaching sessions based in your home, work or leisure environment. Sessions focus on establishing natural verticality, whole body alignment, and movement efficiency during habitual tasks such as work duties, cleaning, dressing, driving, cooking or sport.. Environment and activity specific factors are taken into consideration for maximum effectiveness of intervention. The goal of these intervention sessions is to improve functional performance by learning to apply the principles of ergonomic movement during activity.

Organize your shape - Person


Organize your space - Environment


Participate in life - Activity


Worksite analysis of person, environment and equipment to improve worker movement patterns during main duties and decrease worker injury from awkward postures, repetition, poor work organization, stationary positions, and excessive force. Areas of assessment may include: upper and lower extremity function, postural habits, physical workplace environment, temporal workplace environment, psychosocial workplace environment, and analysis of job task demands.


Activities of Daily Living (ADL Assessment)

All functional assessments and reports focus on developing recommendations to refine and improve day to day functional performance based on the assessed relationships between the person, the environment and the activities being performed. Assessments take place in the home or in the workplace environment.

Job Demands Analysis

Examination of primary physical and psychosocial job demands and duties for return to work planning. Risk factors and barriers are identified for effective return to work planning.

*Billing rates for service reflect current professional practice standards. Rates are negotiable for both personal and private funding sources. Please contact Sarah directly to discuss specific rates.


Funding for service may be available through Insurance Corporation Of British Columbia (ICBC), Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), extended medical coverage (Sunlife/Blue Cross), legal representation, Long term disability carriers, Canadian Mental Health Association or other third party funding sources providing coverage of Occupational Therapy and/or Structural Integration services.

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